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Class 10

July 1941

Black and white image of the 10th group of L.A.C.'s to train at No. 12 Elementary Flight Training School. There are three rows of men in uniform. The back row is standing, the middle row is sitting and the front row is crouching on the ground outside on a runway with airplanes visible in the background. There are two nearly identical images of the same class. The airplanes in the background are in a different configuration in two of the photographs (A992.003.084 a & b) and in one of the negatives (A992.003.84c). Front Row (left to right): J. Otis, Werner, J. Farrell, W. Langhorn, Sgt. Faulkner, J. Leadbetter, McCalpine, G. Kelley, Scott, H. Leach, S. Gray, F. gill and Centre Row: H. Lang, G. Young, J. Pollack, L. Dicaire, V. Thagard, V. Elderich, Duncan, S. Anderson, T. Clifford, J. Myres, J. Morrison Back Row: Lipsit, Murray, J. Redding, Hendricks, T. Wright, Hinchcliffe, J. Elliot, C. Ernewein, A. White, Schegel, H. Graham, Robert, R. Chapman, R. Day, McLaughin, Irwin, Linquist, Jarvis, Cossette, Reed There are 15 black and white copies of the other photograph with different exposures (labelled d - r) and 1 negatives (labelled s).

Henderson, J. Gordon - Photographer
Sky Harbour; Goderich, Ontario; No. 12 Elementary Flying Training School
Record Number
Object Type
Negative, Film
8 x 10 in.
Public Domain

Digital reproduction of object A992.0003.084, located at the Archives at the Huron County Museum.

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